The Denomination of Origin is situated in the south-east of the Province of Córdoba, in the heart of the Sierras Subbéticas. A particular micro-climate that is characterised by high levels of rain, wide temperature changes, together with steep and mountainous landscape and the centuries of experience has enabled our horticulturists to develop the olive grove environment based on native varieties that provide simply exceptional oil.

The economic base of the Hispano-Roman population of the Priego de Córdoba region was the agricultural corner stone, consisting of the famous Mediterranean triumvirate (wheat, wine and oil). Archaeological excavations have unearthed mill stones used for pressing olives, dating back to the 2nd Century AD.

The oils produced in the Priego de Córdoba Controlled Denomination of Origin have for some time been well recognised for their quality. Records from 1912 show that the olive mills in the region had received various prizes at shows in both Spain and France. The Priego de Córdoba Denomination of Origin has become one of the largest Controlled Destinations of Origin and today its oils have triumphed in some of the most prestigious competitions both nationally and internationally.