Escuela de cata

The professional tasting school

The sensory analysis of virgin olive oil is an adventure to which we cannot remain indifferent. The aromas and tastes of olive oil can transport us in time and bring back moments of the past which we thought that we had forgotten. Thus, stimulates our sensory memory.

Olive oil is an essential part of the Mediterranean Diet and, as such, must be recognised and appreciated. By means of the “Priego de Córdoba” Protected Denomination of Origin, we offer the opportunity to obtain the necessary knowledge to appreciate the different types of olive oil that exist, and to know how to identify the organoleptic qualities and character of each.

Escuela de cata

The olive oil tasting school for young people

In 2010 the Denomination of Origin “Priego de Córdoba” sets up an open access tasting school, allowing young children and teenagers from the region to witness and understand the culture of olive oil from an early age. Also they can learn about and appreciate the different types of olive oil which exist in the commercial market.

Children´s sensory organs are incredibly sensitive, which makes them excellent tasters. If this sensitivity to subtle aromas and tastes is caught in time, it will allow you to recognise these subtleties more easily and quickly when you have grown up. With continuing training of your senses, and a good memory for taste and smell, you could become the professional tasters of the future.

Although it was set up as an open access tasting school for the children in the Denomination of Origin Priego de Córdoba Region, all the information about the school is now available online.